Tadpole Trike

This one has 2 wheels in front, one in rear under seat, optional arm power drive below seat or on sides of seat, and it will have (USS) steering soon.

FWD (front wheel drive) with ASS (above seat steering)

This 2 wheel converts to trailer mode and leans in corners and locks in vertical during stops.
In trailer mode it is "delta" (2 wheels in rear, one wheel in front). It is capable of lugging up to 200 lbs. It is good for carrying groceries, or many other things you would need to carry. When it is in 2 wheel mode, I can get up to, and exceed 45 km/hr.
I often post my art info on a bilboard over the trailer for passersby to read.

CSWB (compact short wheel base)

This one is fun to ride. It's pretty quick more maneuverable. Originally, it was a Quetzal, but it has had many changes.

LWB (long wheel base)

This one is a smooth ride, but it is incomplete. It has UV joint steering, but might change it. This recumbent will convert to rear dual drive & lean steer. Then it would be called delta mode long wheel base (DLWB).

UBW (upper body workout) Delta Trike

I built this one, and it will steer with your legs. It's called "swing boom". Most cyclists have good lower form, but rarely train their upper body, except in a gym. Both leg & arm drive is the closest I can figure to be equivalent to swimming.

Richard had his picture printed in the Globe and Mail newspaper (1989). Click here to see it.

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